Forex Trading

Forex trading is the business of speculating the exchange rates of currency pairs to make potential profits. The forex trader is not physically buying or...


Tara Visser March 9, 2022 Average reading time: 7 min

Currency pairs in forex trading

Currency symbols Every national currency has a three-letter alphabetic symbol known as ‘ISO currency code’. It is widely...


Tom Akkerman

February 2, 2022
Average reading time: 5 min

Leverage and Margin

The primary aim of every forex trader is to capitalize on the market movements by predicting the correct exchange rate...


Andy van Hassel

January 6, 2022
Average reading time: 7 min

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of the historical prices of an asset or forex pair in order to predict its...


Melvin Hofmans

May 9, 2022
Average reading time: 9 min

Price action trading strategies

In forex trading, price action refers to the price movement of a currency pair over time. It is best seen...


Eva Muller

May 28, 2022
Average reading time: 6 min

Forex breakouts

In forex trading, it is practically impossible to win all your trades. In fact, traders lose most of their trades...


Tom Akkerman

June 14, 2022
Average reading time: 5 min

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